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On the show’s Web site,, you can browse sweet, possibly fake testimonials... - Katy W. (The New Yorker)

This takes me right back to those hot lazy Chicago summers of my youth, dad turning on the Cubs game in the Chevy Nova, while I dozed off, a fish in the sound-waters of baseball. - Gwen M.

It's equal parts memory and fantasy, distilled and perfectly rendered in scale. - Steve A.

Had an odd bout of insomnia last night. The call of the Timbers game worked like a charm. Also on the edge of sleep like that it brought a dugout’s worth of old ghosts within arm’s length, including my Dad and grandfather, who I’d sit in the shade of summer listening to similarly called games with for many years of my youth… - Dave L.

This is wonderful. I want to share it with my dad. It’s nostalgic and soothing. - Wendy T.

This broadcast is so small-town northern Michigan. Not terrifying, just ... pleasantly dull. The concept is hilarious but it really delivers. - Delia K.

You’re the Wes Anderson of hypnotic sleep induction. This is fantastic!!! - Brian B.

In college over the summer, when I didn't have any bells and whistles like a cell phone, internet, or cable, or A/C, and I'd just spend my days killing time before school started again... I'd throw the Cubs AM radio broadcast on, turn the volume to just the right low buzz, and would catch some Zzzs on and off.

What a treat to have an ASMR podcast to recreate the conditions. I can almost smell a Chicago summer breeze as I close my eyes to this. - Molly F.

Kind of like a glass of milk in some ways, and also like taking acid in other ways. - Ike T.

There's a goat on the field... - Al S.

I am so glad this exists, and I hope you make a ton more. - Chris O.

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